Bethany McCann

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Tips and Tricks

    1. The most IMPORTANT wash your face before putting on your makeup and the same goes for taking it all off.
    2. When buying a new foundation swatch it on your neck to get the correct shade
    3. To make your eyes appear bigger apply white eyeliner on your waterline instead of classic black
    4. To make your lipstick last all day once you have put on your chosen lipstick hold a tissue across your lips to blot off some of the access and apply some translucent powder across to tissue and voila
    5. To achieve chiselled cheekbones buy a highlighter and contour two shade darker than your skin tone
    6. To create a more natural brow use two different shades
    7. To get that desired complexion to mix your primer in with your foundation
    8. When creating a bold lip keep the eyes minimal and vice-versa
    9. When applying  contour use the figure 3 formation starting from your temple going in at the cheek and back out then along the jawline
    10. Know your skin
                  Beth xxx

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