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Sunday, 15 July 2018


If you haven't read my previous blog post about this collection let me give you a quick rundown in August 2017 MAC announced its upcoming collaboration with Aaliyah Haughton's family specifically her brother Rashad Haughton to honour the late singer.

Now if you don't know who Aaliyah is then you need to stop reading this post immediately and watch Queen of the damned or listen to More than a woman and then come back and read this post.  

For a lot of us hardcore Aaliyah fans, this collection has been a long time coming 3 years to be exact it took a petition and over 26,000 signatures to make this collection a reality. 

Every item in this collection was based on the makeup products Aaliyah had is her personal makeup bag.

Now into the review firstly the shade names are so fitting to what Aaliyah was and I felt that they were a true representation of what our baby girl embodied with names such as Brooklyn Born 
 & Street Thing.

Secondly, you can create soo many of her iconic looks from her music videos using the collection (well duh! Beth)

We Need A Resolution 

Try Again 

Rock The Boat 

Lastly, I Felt the that 98% of the collection was inclusive as the bonzer was a bit too light for some deeper skin tones and that if she were alive today she would definitely have created a similar collection.

What a way to honour and remember our baby girl.


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