Bethany McCann

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Time Where I Spent £188 On Charlotte Tilbury

The title says it all really, I have no idea what possessed me to repeatedly press the "add to cart"  button maybe it was a combination of things the first being Charlotte's makeup and skincare range is incredible with the most luxurious packaging you've ever seen, secondly I got some really good news  so I went with my out with my family to celebrate and I found my trusty 'Pillow Talk lip cheat pencil and popped it on all over my lips and I instantly remembered why I fell love it and apparently so does  everyone else as they demanded that the liner  should be made into a lipstick.

so like a bat out of hell I scrolled through the site to find everything and I added it to my cart along with 8 other items, I love Charlotte but her products ain't cheap so I went through the 7 stages of making a makeup purchase on this occasion.

  1. SHOCK 
  2.  DENIAL 
  3.  GUILT  
  4. ANGER 
  7.  HOPE


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