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Monday, 5 February 2018

How I Stay Motivated

It's a new year and keeping motivated can be a challenge here is how I do it

1 Get up early if you're waking at 11 chances are you have rolled back over and decided that you can't be bothered to do anything because half the day is already gone, by getting up early this is less likely to happen.

2 Tidy your room, believe me, I have done this plenty of times I have looked at how messy it's gotten and instead of feeling motivated I become overwhelmed and I now have to tidy my room, in short, less time tidying more time planning your future.

3 Put your hair up and getting it off your face, little things get to me the most and usually if I'm already having a bad day for whatever reason, If I find my hair to be distracting me in any way it just about pushes me to the edge, so I put up it in fear that if I leave it down I might just tear it out

4 Plan/Make notes, coming up with an original and creative idea can be difficult at the best of times so whether it's on your phone or your notebook write your ideas down so you don't forget them.

5 Know when to take a break, sometimes you just have to step away from your computer or whatever it is that you are doing, I find it really hard to concentrate for long periods of time and I get quite restless so now I stop what I'm doing and unwind for ten minutes.

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