Bethany McCann

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


And if at first, you don't succeed
Then dust yourself off and try again
You can dust it off and try again, try again
Cause if at first you don't succeed
You can dust it off and try again
Dust yourself off and try again, try again - Aaliyah 

These lyrics have gotten and still get me through some rough times, and I'm so happy that MAC has announced their collaboration with Aaliyahs' family to bring out something that's one in a million.

For anyone who doesn't know who she is let me give you a quick rundown, she was an R&B singer model and actress who tragically died in a plane crash shortly after filming her latest music video for her song rock the boat.

My first introduction to her music was at a school disco ,which now seems like a lifetime ago I remember me and my friends making up dance routines to 'Try Again' and 'More than a Woman' as I got a little older and was allowed to watch scary movies even though now I wouldn't really consider Queen of the Damned to be a scary movie I was mesmerised by how beautiful she was, needless to say, I hope that I am fortunate to pick up one or two pieces for this collection when it comes out in the summer and  who knows  maybe I can do a review on it

Beth xx


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