Bethany McCann

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Cheat Sheet : 22 things in 22 years

  1. Quality over quantity when it comes to friendship
  2. Don't try to make things work with an ex, they will still find a way to break your heart  
  3. If you have the chance go to bed early take it you can thank me later for this one 
  4. Stop looking back life doesn't have a reverse button
  5. Take countless pictures 
  6. Don't fall asleep in your make up   
  7. Some friends do become your family 
  8. Watch foreign movies
  9. Take up an old hobby 
  10. you'll feel "extra grown-up" when you pay £30 for a velvet coin purse from whistles Note to self-put bank card out of reach. 
  11. Moisturise your entire body 
  12. coconut oil is essential 
  13. Take care of your now rather than later 
  14. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others 
  15. Have a rainy day fund 
  16. You don't need that cliche tattoo
  17. Its okay to buy to spend more money on good staple pieces  
  18. Admit when you're wrong and mean it
  19. You can't be good at everything life just wouldn't be fair 
  20. Cheap clothing doesn't equal bad clothing 
  21. Don't be afraid to have a conflicting opinion 
  22. love yourself ♡


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