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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How To Buy From M.A.C On A Budget

The MAC brand is very well established within the beauty industry since it was founded in 1984, they have always managed to come up with exciting collaborations(Trolls, Star Trek, Aaliyah etc.) and concepts (Viva Glam) so it comes as no surprise that as the brand grows their prices increase but not to fret I have devised a little cheat sheet, it won't save you a boatload of money but you've got to start somewhere.

Travel Sizes

I know this is kind of a well duh, but travel sizes are definitely
a good way to try mac products without committing to their full-size counterparts the only drawback is it's limited to skin care and 4 mini eyeshadow pigments. 

Good Byes Tab 

Yep, you guessed correctly this is where MAC puts the products they are discontinuing as the saying goes out with the old and in with the new, typically this tab can sometimes be hit or miss but you do get the occasional gem from time to time.

(not all products on this tab are discounted)

Multi-Purpose products 

This is my second favourite 3-word phase and with good reason, I'm all about saving money but let's be honest who isn't?
the good thing is that most of their products are multi-use 
such as strobe cream, for instance, it works as a primer/moisturiser and liquid highlighter and hey presto 3 products in 1.

Free Samples

Not much else to say when the title kinda says it all.


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