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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Person of interest : Megan Ellaby

I found Megan Ellaby like most people through Instagram she reminds me of a modern Carly Simon with a flair for flares (get it), bold colors and cherry print.

I was lucky enough to attend the British Style Collective back in May at the Liverpool one arena I was sat in the second row right next to the stage and she was sat in front of me Megan was gracious, thought-provoking ,polite and stopped for photos,(not with me I'm too socially awkward and painstakingly shy) it was refreshing to see someone with a big following be so genuine
I enjoyed reading her blog post some things Ill never understand as it made me think of things that didn't make sense or add up that id had never really questioned before for example words that are sound the same but have different meanings such as,


Peace – this is the absence of war, The word also refers more generally to a feeling of contentment, for example, “The woods were very peaceful.”
Piece – spelt this way, the word means a unit or portion of something, such as “a piece of cake”. To “say your piece” means to state your opinion about something, while “giving someone a piece of your mind” means to tell them – usually in anger – exactly what you think of a certain situation.


These stairs are beautiful; feel free to stare.
These two identical-sounding words both derive from Old English words with Germanic origins.
Stare – the verb “to stare” refers to the act of gazing intently at something. As a noun, it refers to the look itself – for example “a long, cold stare”.
Stair – this refers to a single step, or one of a number of steps, used to connect two different levels, with variants including “staircase” (the complete set of steps), “stairway” (the steps and their surrounding walls), “stairwell” (the shaft occupied by the staircase), “downstairs” (the bottom level) and “upstairs” (the upper level).

Photo Credit: Megan Ellaby


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