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Thursday, 21 September 2017

My Anxiety Disorder and How I choose to deal with it

 "If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you"

 When I feel anxious or scared sometimes I'm my own worst enemy and I'M the ONE holding myself back from doing things just because it might seem impossible in that moment, whether it's going on a bus somewhere I've never been before and panicking about the person sitting next to me or talking to people thinking that they're judging me based on my appearance, opinions or intellect,
I used to have anxiety attacks where I would replay certain scenarios over and over again working myself into a panic-induced state and it becomes physically and emotionally exhausting even when I would try to act confident my anxiety was slowly decaying my seemingly calm exterior and all I wanted to do was scream.

 Techniques that work for me  
Talking a bath - The world can wait until I've tried to wash away some of the anxiety/stress 
Making a playlist or writing on my blog - It helps to shift my focus into something positive whether I'm writing about a new concealer or listening to Clannad.
Try my best -not great not perfect but my best, I used to think you needed perfection to succeed (It's not possible)
Good nights sleep - I used to walk around my bedroom until 3am with the constant looming fear of what tomorrow would bring which made my brain go into anxiety overload turning off my devices and getting the right amount of rest significantly reduce the amount of anxiety I felt as I would look in the mirror and see that I looked healthier and gave me a big confidence boost 
Social media - there are now millions of platforms where I can talk to people, hear their stories, know what the symptoms are, and how to get help
Laughing - sometimes you have to stare fear in the face and laugh have the faith in yourself to know that you're going to be okay even if you don't feel it

Beth x


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