Bethany McCann

Monday, 29 May 2017

Gracie Francesca

I have been watching Gracie's channel and reading her blog for just over two years now and I still get excited when she puts out a self confidence video or a really thought provoking post about body image as I still at times as I'm sure 99 percent of the population will agree as they too struggle with self love/confidence

I find that she is a breath of fresh air and that way she uses her social platforms to help encourage new/upcoming bloggers or talk about topic that may be considered controversial is exactly why she is named the Internets big sister to me she has never been about how many designer handbag she owns but rather how can she tackle a subject the isn't talked about enough so I suggest you stop what ever you doing and check her out

Gracie if you ever get a chance to read this know that your I think your amazing and continue to make great quality content as you made some of my dull days a little bit brighter


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