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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

soigné wishlist

Soigné {Pronounced 'Swahn -Yey'}
                                   English Translation - 'To take care of'

 I know I am not the only one who picks up nail polish remover just for the the sole purpose of removing the polish without any disregard to the affect it may have on my nail bed or picking at my nails the moment that it start to chip so I have been searching for a nail brand that could solve my nail woes but would tick all my boxes too
  1. Timeless packaging
  2. Timeless colours 
  3. Good for my nails
  4. Wont break the bank      
and I think I may have found it but I wont know until I have tried it but thats another blog post for another time ...

soigné claims to be one of the safest nail polish brands on the market,yet still provides a high standard of quality and luxury as their fomula does not contain any harmful carcinogens ,does not test on animals and is completey vegan

My Wishlist



*This alluring rouge will have the guys falling head over heels for your deep and sultry fingertips. The perfect choice for a romantic night by the fire, you won’t be disappointed in this colour’s irresistible lure.


*Bind this brilliant blue to your fingertips and allow Soigné to make you feel like a true fashion aficionado. This individual indigo is utterly easy on the eye and echoes this season’s ethnic print trend.


*Deep grey at first glance, this colour tantalises your senses with a hint of purple to liven up your nails with the mirage of sun-warmed figs laid out on a platter, eating breakfast in the Italian countryside nirvana.

Poussière d'ortie

Poussière d'ortie

*Meaning “nettle dust”, a unique green, reminds us of the faded foliage of summer time.


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