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Thursday, 14 January 2016

What I Hate About Nights Out : Contains Swearing

A night out to me isn't about Alcohol,The room full of people or even the music its the process of putting on my make up,slipping into a tight little black dress an putting on my highest heels surrounded by my friends and being myself not some unrealistic version of me. I don't go out a lot but when I do these are the things that generally piss me off
  1. The ridiculously overpriced entry fee does that include my own personal robot that will hold my coat remember my ID and make sure I get home safe (yeah I didn't think so).
  2. The Drinks I don't like do overindulge as I find it makes people stupid but costing an arm and leg for one fucking amaretto and coke in a half pint glass is extortionate.
  3. Girls dancing as if they're on a stripper pole (Just Stop)
  4. (This point annoys me with  a deep fiery passion) Drunk men trying to follow me around when I'm with my friends then you walk over slurring your shitty chat up lines at me and thinking that its okay to grab my ass ( I made the effort but I didn't do it for you I did it for me.)
  5. when my favorite song comes on but I'm in the checking that my make up is still on or I'm readjusting my dress in the bathroom
  6. seeing an ex
  7. seeing your mortal enemy
  8. calling the taxi every five minutes to see where it is
I love getting in the taxi when we arrive home clutching our heels in our hand as I turn the key in the door shh-hing them as we awkwardly ascend the stair case trying not to wake anyone and we end up talking for several more hours until one or all of us falls asleep 

 Beth x


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