Bethany McCann

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Makeup Basics 101

No 1
Add 1 drop of Bio oil into your foundation to create a flawless complexion and will keep your skin hydrated.

No 2
To create a matte finish to a satin lipstick first you will need to apply your desired lipstick then blot with some tissue then using a powder brush apply a matte powder over your lips (it will not only turn matte but it will also last all day).

No 3
To appear more awake add white eyeliner on your lower water line.

No 4
To make your lipstick to make appear more vibrant put a pale nude lipstick or your foundation and then apply your lipstick

 No 5
To pull of bold make up focus on either the lips or the eyes never both unless it for Halloween or a night out with the girls.

No 6
You can make your own hair chalk buy spraying the hair spray onto small strand of hair  then with  your eye shadow brush apply a colorful eye shadow into your hair.

No 7
When buying a new foundation match the shade to your neck.

No 8
Use a tooth bush to exfoliate your lips.

No  9  
To create fuller lips use a lip pencil and line slightly outside your lips.

Beth x

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