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Saturday, 26 December 2015

How to combat dry skin

Have you ever spent hours applying your make up only for it to literally crumble in under 2 hours with a "dewy" foundation ,applied a matte lipstick an when you finally take it off you've taken your lips with it or paid a stupid amount of money on a so called "hydrating"? Yeah me too.

Doing my base make up was the worst part of my routine my skin felt like sandpaper September I had finally had enough of dry/damaged skin and wanted to do something about it so I am here to share what Ive been doing to keep my skin hydrated

Less time in the bath/shower
Cut your bath/shower time to under ten minutes any longer and it starts tostrip away the natural oils on the top layer of your skin

create a humid environment
Get out of the shower shut the window and door to the bathroom and turn the temperature up to a humidity you can stand for about five minutes this should unclog your pores and rejuvenate the top layer of skin

This tip is the most obvious way to get rid of dead skin you can either do this using a face wash with micro beads or a muslin cloth and some hot soapy water (avoid perfumed soaps or alcohol based products)

Find a good moisturizer or oil that works for your skin I personally like to do it the minute I get out of the shower to lock the moisture in

Hope you find this helpful 
Beth x

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